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Students in grades K-8 are offered the opportunity to take piano lessons. Lessons are given weekly on Wednesdays. Mrs. Dieterle works with your child's teacher to develop a schedule that best fits in to the child's school day.


Piano Keys
Band Program

Students in grades 4 - 8 are welcome to begin instruction on the following instruments: 





           Alto Saxophone          


French horn

Percussion (bell kit; also called orchestral kit)



If scheduling allows, other instruments (i.e. tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, oboe, tuba) may be available to students with a year or more instruction under their belt.  

For first and second year students, groups of like-instruments (all beginner flutes, etc.) meet once a week on a rotating pull-out schedule.  This means the student will miss the same class only once every six weeks. Students with three years or more experience will meet as a full band once a week with individual sections meeting every few weeks as scheduled.

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