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Middle States

Receiving Accreditation

St. Andrew Catholic school received its official accreditation status in December 2012, after undergoing a review by a body of peers from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The Middle States team visited St. Andrew’s in the spring of 2012, after school faculty and school board members carefully prepared and submitted a report, Designing Our Future for the team’s review. This document indicates the school’s constant desire for improvement, and includes studies conducted in these key areas: Mission and Beliefs, Community, Student Services and Activities, Educational Program, Leadership and Organization, Resources, Facilities, Finances, and Planning. The Middle States standard was met in each area. The Middle States Committee visited St. Andrew again in the fall of 2019. Our school was awarded re-accreditation in May 2020.

What MSA Had to Say in 2012 & 2020

There were many complimentary comments. Here is just one example taken from their evaluation summary:

“Saint Andrew School is a vibrant community with a strong Catholic identity. A dedicated administration and faculty endeavor to educate the whole child. Their efforts are supported by an interested, contributing parent body. A welcoming, family atmosphere where respect is the norm pervades the building. Commitment to school improvement is evidenced.” - 2012

"From the moment we entered we knew this was a place of academic excellence. The faculty and staff participate fully in the life of the school. We were impressed by your students and the natural way they interacted with us. They are well spoken. They are the life of your school. You should be very proud of them." -2020

Why is Accreditation a Significant Accomplishment

We didn’t need the visiting team to tell us how great this school is, but gaining this re-accreditation status is a highly prized designation in that it officially recognizes a school’s commitment to ongoing development and educational excellence. To those who might consider sending their child to our school, it demonstrates that we’re serious about our mission. It validates our hard work and progress and shows that we went through a rigorous self and peer evaluation. Approval is not just automatically granted, so we can all be very proud of St. Andrew School for this latest success. Also worth mentioning is that this accreditation is a status, not an award. It must be maintained through regular self evaluation and reviews. Knowing that our school will always be reflecting,  improving,  and growing is the most important achievement in this process.

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