St Andrew School follows the Harrisburg Diocesan Elementary Curriculum. All curriculum policies and procedures are established by the Office of Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Harrisburg and are voluntarily consistent with the requirements of the National Common Core Standards. To review the Diocesan Elementary Curriculum in detail, please click hereIn addition to a curriculum that meets both PA Department of Education and Diocesan requirements, the school offers Art, Music, Library, Computer, and Physical Education.

St. Andrew School integrates the latest educational technologies in order to enhance the existing academic program, including the Wide Area Network (WAN) that connects 33 of diocesan area Catholic schools to a private, safe network. Thanks to the WAN, students have access to a number of valuable resources. Each classroom in grades K-2 has 1:1 ratio of Kindle Fires per child. Each classroom in grades 3-8 has a 1:1 ratio of Chrome books per child. Teachers are also able to use Mimio technology in the classrooms. In addition, we have a fully equipped computer lab where the students receive instruction once a week.

Although the teachers at St. Andrew School don’t “teach to the test,” as is often required in many school districts today, the school uses standardized testing to assess student achievement. Each year, students in grades K-8 are assessed using the Renaissance STAR Assessments three times per year. The faculty analyzes the scores after each testing window and develops action plans to address any weaknesses. 

Core Curriculum


Standardized Testing

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