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Saint Andrew the Apostle School is located in the heart of historic downtown Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. The Catholic Church of Waynesboro dates back to the first settlers of Waynesboro. In the year 1925, the school was constructed under the pastorate of Father William Callaghan, 1924-1936. In 1990, an addition was built onto the school which added three classrooms, a conference room, and a handicap-accessible restroom to the main floor. The convent on site was demolished to allow room for a playground. In 2010, an office building was erected at the rear of the school to open up additional classrooms in the 1925 building. And again in 2017, another wing was added onto the school which added five new ADA regulation classrooms and restrooms to accommodate the growing school population.


The Sisters of Mercy were the first faculty members, followed by the Sisters of Cyril and Methodius, until 1999. Presently, the faculty consists of well-trained, dedicated lay educators.

Saint Andrew originally served students in grades K-8. In the late 1970’s, the declining population of children attending Catholic School in Waynesboro caused the decision to remove the 7th and 8th grade. The school remained a K-6 building until 2017 when both the 7th and 8th grade were phased back into our school. 7th and 8th grade were phased back into the building. In the fall of 2022, a full-day pre-kindergarten program was added to our academic program.

Saint Andrew Catholic School is devoted to fostering Christian values and academic excellence in a nurturing environment by providing a faith-filled Catholic education.


Saint Andrew School is a Catholic educational community dedicated to fostering the Christian ideals of love, respect, and service. Our school is structured to help our students develop and mature spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically so they may meet the challenges of our changing world with Christian values and academic excellence.


We, the administration and faculty of Saint Andrew Catholic School, firmly believe:

1. When taught a curriculum infused with the Gospel message, children are nurtured to form a personal relationship with God.

2. Each child is a unique individual with God-given talents and abilities who can and will learn when taught at the appropriate level and given the time needed to succeed.

3. Children learn best in a comfortable, nurturing environment where they feel safe, secure, and valued.

4. The partnership of parents, teachers and the pastor working together greatly enhances a child’s spiritual growth and academic success.

5. All children deserve a school and classroom atmosphere that challenges them to develop as lifelong learners with self-respect, self-confidence, and self-discipline.

Profile of Graduates

The graduates of Saint Andrew School will be empowered to make meaningful contributions to their community and society as followers of Christ, as well as to continue their lifelong journey of moral growth and fulfillment. They will have a firm understanding of the following areas:

Academic Growth:

  • Proficiently uses technology for academic purposes

  • Solves real world problems using critical, independent, and creative thinking

  • Collaborates effectively through group work

  • Communicates effectively through oral and written language

  • Continues the exploration of a second language and its culture

  • Analyzes, synthesizes, and utilizes research


Spiritual/Moral Growth:

Expresses spirituality through:

  • Daily prayers

  • Knowledge of scripture

  • Embracing Gospel values

  • Respect of all God’s creation

Knowledge of Basic Catholic Prayers:

  • Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory Be, Guardian Angel, Act of Contrition, Apostles’ Creed

  • Rosary

  • Novenas


  • Attendance

  • Parts of Mass

  • Participation: Greeters, Altar Servers, Readers, Offertory, Ushers

Christian Values:

  • Respects the dignity of every human being

  • Practices peaceful resolution to conflict

  • Support those in spiritual and financial needs           

  • Acts honestly, ethically, and responsibly


Social Growth:

  • Implements leadership skills in religious, civic, and personal activities

  • Works collaboratively, appreciating diversity and how differences affect others

  • Engages in acts of kindness and performs acts of service

  • Makes decisions based on Catholic values and accepts the consequences of personal choices

  • Demonstrates a lifelong commitment to personal growth based on personal Catholic values

  • Maintains a relationship with Saint Andrew School and fellow students, and pursues lifelong friendships


Physical Growth:

  • Knowledge of healthy nutrition

  • Implementation of healthy food choices

  • Maintain a balance of physical health and wellness

  • Recognize the connection between physical and mental well being

  • Recognize, understand and execute personal safety measures

  • Recognize the value of self-worth and avoid self-destructive behaviors

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