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Date: September 17, 2020



Here is the link to the Thursday Folder



  • Picture Plus will be returning on Monday, September 28 to take fall pictures for those students who either missed our first picture day or need them retaken. If you are wishing to have your child's photo retaken, please make sure to bring along the photo packaged received last week. 



  • Support our school...

    • Sweet Rollers Sale - Take orders for cinnamon buns and or coffee all locally made by Sweet Rollers in Chambersburg. Orders and payment are due by Sept. 25th. Delivery will be Saturday, October 3rd.

    • HSO Raffle Tickets - As part of your ATP obligation all families are required to sell at least 50 - $1 raffle tickets. If your family selected double Race and Raffle you will receive 100 raffle tickets to be sold. Raffle Tickets will be coming home on TODAY in your child's backpack. Please be on the look out for these. All ticket stubs and money are due back by Friday, October 2nd in time for the drawing on the 3rd. 

    • Box Tops - Our school participates in the Box Top for Education program every year. As many of you are aware, Box Tops has gone digital! The flyers in the Thursday Folder give details on how to "collect' Box Tops using their App and your grocery receipt. After installing the App on your phone and registering your account, search for St Andrew School or School ID 142196. This will link your account to St. Andrew School and we'll begin to raise money. You can still clip valid Box Tops and send them to the school office. They are still excepted until they expire. 

  • HSO has two volunteer opportunities on October 3rd during Market Day. 1. Sort and or distribute pre-ordered cinnamon buns and coffee orders in our school parking lot to school families. 2. Assist Sweet Rollers employees with selling their products on Main Street at the St. Andrew School booth (location TBA), proceeds benefiting St. Andrew School. Please feel free to wear any St. Andrew School spirit wear or Navy Blue and Gold! Here's the link for Market Day volunteer signup.  Market Day Signup

    • ​REMINDER- All volunteers are required to wear a mask. All volunteers for sorting and distributing must wear a mask and gloves. SAS will provide disposable gloves for all volunteers. 

  • Please contact Sylvia Cartwright with any questions if you have any fundraising questions or ideas.




  • Just a reminder that all lunches including milk and ice cream will be billed via FACTS. This invoice will come to your email on Friday of each week. Payment for lunches are due within 10 days. You can either pay manually or you can set up your FACTS account to automatically process incidental invoices via the same payment method used for tuition.



  • As we are now settled in to our new year, I wanted to use this week to remind families of our uniform policy. Teachers have been instructed to allow infractions to slide at the beginning of the year but starting on Monday (8/14), uniform notices could go home to individuals for being out of uniform. Please take a few moments this weekend to watch our powerpoint with acceptable jewelry, hair styles, accessories, etc. We appreciate your help and cooperation. 


  • As some of our students with colds, allergies, etc. are now joining us virtually for the safety of others, we ask that if your child is participating in virtual school for the day to please follow the same guidelines as our virtual learners. Below are the responsibilities and expectations for Virtual Learning.

1.    Students/Parents will be responsible for logging into their session on time as assigned by the teacher and Attendance will be taken.  
2.    Parents should still notify the school office if their child will be absent from online learning that day.  
3.    All assignments will be posted to Google Classroom. Students will be responsible for completing and turning in work when assigned. All assignments are due in Google Classroom by Sunday at 8:00 p.m.
4.    All assignments must be completed entirely before being submitted to the teacher. Failure to follow directions or submit assignments will result in a grade of 60% for the assignment.
5.    Students/Parents are responsible for communicating with the teacher if there is an issue with connection or accessibility to an online device. 
6.    Students will be expected to be seated upright with video and audio muted unless directed differently by the teacher. Turning video off without permission is the same as leaving class without permission. Students should be in an area without distractions (to include food, pets, inappropriate background scenery, etc.)  
7.    Students will be expected to be in school uniform at least from the waist up (tops).  
8.    Students will be responsible for having their own device that has internet connection capabilities unless a device is requested by a parent. 
9.    Students will be expected to attend Mass with their scheduled class if and when the live stream takes place.  
10.    Students/Parents are responsible for their behavior while being online. Students should follow the same code of conduct expected in the school building.  If a student is disruptive, they will be given a warning.  If it continues, they will be removed from the session and the parent will be notified.  
11.    Teachers will be responsible for acknowledging the student to the best extent possible during the lesson. However, classroom behavior such as raised hand, waiting until the teacher is done speaking, etc. will be expected. (PLEASE UNDERSTAND ONLINE LEARNING IS NOT A 1:1 TEACHER METHOD) Teachers will do their best to assist the child from home, but especially for younger grades, they may need adult assistance as well. 
12.    Assessments for those students online will vary by class and by teacher.  Each teacher will contact you at the beginning of the school year to address and explain the various methods of assessment that will be used.  
13.    If there is a substitute teacher in a classroom for a day or two, the class will not be live streamed however work will be provided.  If a teacher is out for any extended length of time, we will continue live streaming. The principal will be in contact if this occurs.
14.    It is expected that students will be present for all classes during the day unless the teacher tells them otherwise.  (For example, the student or teacher may log off or shut down the camera/voice during bathroom breaks, lunch, recess, etc.) 
15.    Parents/students need to communicate with the teacher on a regular basis.
16.    All Zoom links will be posted in Google Classroom.
17.    This agreement is flexible and could change as the year progresses. Notifications of changes will be communicated to parents in a timely manner.


  • Mrs. Dieterle is doing her best to plan for private piano, instrument, and whole group band instruction. If your child is interested in participating, please take the following survey.




  • The first of two electronic SCRIP scholarship applications has been added to the 8/27/20 Thursday Folder. For families interested in applying, all applications must be completed by 9/15/20 to be an eligible recipient. 

  • Because volunteering may be limited this year, we are relying heavily on participation in our scrip fundraising program. Because we want to eliminate the exchange of paper this school year, we highly encourage everyone to download the new app for shopping with scrip. It is called RaiseRight Fundraising in the App store. The online enrollment code is AB1L6E36873.


  • For any family who selected volunteer hours for ATP, the new form has been added to the website as well as the 8/27/20 Thursday Folder. Please track your hours monthly and email the tracking form to Sylvia Cartwright at scartwright@saintandrewschool.org. If you have any questions regarding ATP please feel free to contact Mrs. Cartwright. ​​


MARK YOUR CALENDARS:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Friday, September 11- School Mass @ 10:00 a.m. (Gr. K-4)

  • Friday, September 18- School Mass @ 10:00 a.m. (Gr. 5-8)

  • Saturday, September 19- First Holy Communion @ 10:00 a.m.

  • Friday, September 25- School Mass @ 10:00 a.m. (Gr. K-4)

  • Monday, September 28- Picture Make-Up/Retake Day

  • Wednesday, September 30- No School (Teacher In-service)




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